Unlocking Your Potential Through Digital Skills

Shaping the workforce for the digital economy by investing in the talent of tomorrow.

For Students

  • Just focus on your education. We take care of your tuition fee and you will pay a percentage of your future salary
  • We evaluate you based on your potential to succeed, not only on your current financial situation
  • Pay nothing until you make it. You only start making payments after you’re employed, but only if you´re making above the minimum income threshold
  • We partner with some of the best companies to help you launch your new career

For Schools

  • Increase enrolment and student satisfaction
  • Focus on what you do best, provide excellent education programs
  • Reduce the rate of drop off due to the cost of the tuition
  • Benefit from a scalable financing solution through a dedicated partner

For Employers

  • First-hand access to a diverse pool of talent in areas of high demand
  • Dedicated partnership model to cherry-pick the right talent
  • Work hand in hand with StudentFinance and our partner schools to plan your future recruitment demand
  • We select the schools and students through a rigorous selection process, designed to invest only in the students who can become outstanding professionals

Emerging Roles 2020

The world is facing a large-scale, fast paced transition into the digital economy - impacting workforces, policy makers, and companies across the globe.

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Web development
  3. Data Science
  4. UX/UI Design
  5. Digital marketing
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Product management
  8. Blockchain

We cover the cost of your tuition fee,
in exchange of a share of your future income

You only start making payments after getting a job

Through an Income-share Agreement (ISA), you pay a fixed percentage of your income over a set period of time instead of paying your tuition upfront or getting a loan.

With an ISA you are protected as you only start making payments when your income is above the minimum threshold.

Unlike with a loan, ISAs offer a flexible and affordable payment solution.Your monthly payments will be based on your income: so you only pay what you can afford.

The total payment is always capped, so no matter how much you get paid, you will never pay more than the cap amount.

What does the process look like?

When you succeed, so do we.

Get in touch


Apply & get accepted to one of our partner schools


Focus on your education


Get a job and launch your career


Pay a % of your income for a set number of years or until you paid the total cap amount*

*The exact terms depend on your programme


Enjoy a brighter future! :)

Your Future is bright

Impact the market

We are committed to solving one of modern societies priority needs, the transformation of the workforce into the digital economy.

We believe ISAs bring a fair and sustainable model for the future, while aligning goals and incentives between all players in the market.

Social Promise

Every time we fund a student, we contribute to the education & mentorship of a girl in Africa, amplifying her life opportunities and spreading our values.

Our partnership with GirlMove aims to empower women leadership and gender balance in the developing world.

" It was one of my best career decisions and I am very happy that I have taken the Data Science path"

Minh Hoang
Minh Hoang